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Researching and publishing business information

Cobweb Information South Africa is the local arm of leading UK small business information publisher Cobweb Information.

We research and publish practical guides and workbooks that explain business information. Our publications help people start and run better businesses.

Whether you are a business adviser or a business owner, our content will help you improve your services.

What sets us apart

1 Well researched and up-to-date content
Our team is constantly working to research business information – we make sure that we know everything a business owner needs to know. We never stop updating our information – if there’s a change in the law or market trends, we cover it.

2 Information that leads to action
Everything we publish is practical and useful. Our business guides and workbook share a common goal – to get business owners acting rather than researching. We know that everyone learns much quicker by doing something than reading about it.

3 Clearly written and well-presented content
Most business information is complicated, hard to follow and full of jargon – but not when we publish it. We make sure our content is clear, jargon-free and presented in easy-to-read formats.

Who are we?

Cobweb Information in South Africa is managed and run by Paul Crankshaw.

Paul is an experienced publisher and entrepreneur; he has started and run award-winning magazines in South Africa, and managed successful publishing companies. After a decade in the business-to-business publishing sector, he teamed up with Cobweb Information in the UK to form the local branch that would serve small business development here in SA.

He mentors young publishers around the country in the start up of small, community-focused commercial newspapers, and also trains business advisers and entrepreneurs in key aspects of small business start up and management.

He holds a Journalism and Media Studies degree from Rhodes University and a Masters degree in Development Studies from Wits University.

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How can we help you?

Our expertise lies in researching and publishing practical and up-to-date business information. Depending on who you are, you can access our publications in different ways.

If you’re a business adviser, take a look at Enterprise Fundi – an online database of our business guides and market summaries. It’s full of up-to-date guides that help your clients set up and run businesses. It saves you time by making useful information available to you in one place.
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If you’re a business owner, you can browse our range of guides that help you start and run a better business. We also have a selection of free resources to help you improve your business.
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